MinuteBook how to and data sheet

MinuteBook tool simplifies generating of LIT files directly from Internet Explorer.
  Press button in the Tools panel. 
Click to zoom in  .LIT generation wizard appears.

Press [Enter] to continue

Click to zoom in Select Style in the next screen:
  • Simplify table
  • Remove tables
  • Skip images
  • Skip formatting (text only)

Press [Enter] to continue

Click to zoom in


In some seconds, while a web page compiles to an eBook, press [Read eBook] button.

Later you can copy created eBooks to your PDA, or listen to them from a desktop. 

Other tools
If you are book publisher, please take a look at our apoo editor that gives you ability to create wml, xhtml and Open eBook contents and OEB package files. 

It features validation and error checking. Compared to other similar applications, apoo editor allows detailed manipulation of markup language by hand with color highlighting.

Microsoft® Reader

With Microsoft® Reader, you can read eBooks. Your eBooks reside in a personal Library located on your computer. For more information about Microsoft Reader, including the most recent updates, visit the Microsoft Reader Web site at 

http://www.microsoft.com/reader .

This software supports version 1.0.1 of the Open eBook Publication Structure. A document describing the structure is available at http://www.openebook.com/specification.htm. It gives an opportunity to generate Microsoft ® Reader's .LIT eBook files using Microsoft ® Reader Content SDK 1.5 incorporated in this software. .LIT is a binary compressed file used by Microsoft ® Reader and compiled from Open eBook sources. Note that Microsoft ® Reader eBook implementation differs in some details in comparison with OEB standard.


MinuteBook ie extension for Microsoft® Reader, Copyright © 2001, 2002, 2003 by Andrei Ivanov. All rights reserved.