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Create an eBook within a minute directly from a web site! One click to make ebook!
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This tool is designed for creation of eBooks .LIT binaries for Microsoft Reader from web contents of Internet Explorer browser.

After this software is installed, a new tool button will be added to the Tools panel of Internet Explorer browser:


How to  
1. Navigate you browser to contents you want to convert to eBook:
  • reports of you company;
  • published phone list;
  • listing of properties;
  • books, references and magazines

2. Press button in the Tools panel and .LIT generation wizard appears. Then simply press [Enter] button 3 or 4 times

3.Read and listen a new created eBook- in some seconds. 

As you know, web contents sometimes are more complex in comparison to PDA display possibilities. So you have to choose different styles of .LIT generation process to skip images, simplify tables or just obtain text contents.
Later you can copy created eBooks to your PDA, or listen to them from a desktop.



Download from here or betanews evaluation version

See also how to register evaluation copy